Brixton Fairies: Made Possible By Squatting

A series of interviews with South London Gay Liberation Front members, who squatted the first Gay Community centre in London along with many houses on Railton Road in 1970s. The film is intended to highlight the indebtedness of the LGBTQ movement to squatting and direct action.

Please feel free to organise screenings or share this film in any way you like so long as you attribute it. If you would like myself or the interviewees to be involved in a Q+A then contact .

If you liked the film and you want to support me making more you can make a donation, I’d be super grateful.I want to distribute my work for free so that anyone who wants to see the film, can. Think of the donate button like a busker’s hat.

Creative Commons License
Brixton Fairies: Made Possible by Squatting by Taha Hassan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



  1. Transparent feel, as if interviewees are speaking both to the filmmaker and to their own younger selves and to History. Touching and universalizable: all liberation movements begin underground in territory won and converted into safe space.

  2. This is a truly powerful piece of film-making, somehow, all the more powerful for its informal editing-style. It feels home-grown and thus honest. It preserves something of real value, a moving and pioneering story that we should all remember. It was great to preserve the thoughts of these wonderful people. I hope this film-maker goes on to make other provocative movies that show that society really doesn’t have to behave as conservative values would have us believe.

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